World Peace is possible

At christmas we express our hope for peace in the world. But world peace doesn’t come just like that, it calls for action.

Action has to be motivated and inspired by belief, so the first step is believing that world peace is in fact very well possible.

“Stichting World Peace is Possible “ is a foundation that promotes this belief. Their logo is a dove of peace, designed by Dick Bruna (the artist who drew Miffy)

Check out their website:

(It has an English section)

Merry Christmas!


Yoga and compitition

With the Games going on in London at the moment, the question whether yoga should, or shouldn’t be an Olympic sport, has become a topical subject. The non-profit organization USA Yoga strongly advocates for yoga as an Olympic sport. However, I suspect that a lot of yoga practitioners will find this outrageous. “Yoga can’t possibly be a competitive sport, for it’s all about spiritual development!” they may argue.

As there’s a whole lot more to yoga than just physical exercises, I have to agree with those who think that yoga (in its broadest sense) can’t possibly be a competitive sport1. But a contest in perfoming asanas, why not?

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