Scorpion Pose

When you perform the classical Scorpion Pose (Vrschikasana), you’re bringing both your feat close to your head while standing on your forearms. This posture resembles the body shape of a scorpion, hence the name. The original Scorpion Pose is one of the most difficult yoga exercises to perform. But fortunately there is an easy variation of the Scorpion Pose, in which you’re lifting just one leg.


  1. Come to all fours.
  2. Place your forearms on the mat, they are pointing straight forward. Make sure that your knees are directly below your hips and your elbows directly below your shoulders. Let your head hang. You’re now in position a.
  3. As you inhale, lift your right leg and raise your head. Keep your knee bend. You’re in position b.
  4. Exhale and return to position a.

Scorpion Pose A


Scorpion Pose B

Repeat this movement a couple of times, and hold position b for a few breaths the last time.

Do the exercise for the other side as well, that is, follow the instructions above, but now you lift your left leg instead.

Rest a few moments in the Child’s Pose when you’re done.


You can use your imagination to help you to perform this exercise properly. Imagine that you’re trying to place your foot on your head. Of course, you won’t get your foot even near your head, but this imagery does intensify the exercise. If you like to, you can also imagine that you’re a scorpion with a curled up tail, just about to sting. Having the characteristic shape and movements of a scorpion in mind, can give you a really good feel of the form of this posture.


The Scorpion Pose has the following benefits:

  • Energizes mind and body.
  • Strengthens the buttocks.



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